Thursday, 29 November 2012

Gladstone go to London.

Vampire Victims and Steampunk Slayers; Gladstone at The Electrowerxz.

    Just like Dick Whittington's pussy Sherlock's Dog found himself on the streets of London, pounding his way through Islington to the Slimelight/Electrowerxz club, here he found a tank (I kid you not!!) and the most friendly club in the Metropolis. Events kicked off at 8pm and a good sized crowd filled the room, splendid Steampunks and voluptuous Vampires abounded, the evening began in cabaret style with the multi talented Nigel Osner giving us his superb Vampire act. Next was the lovely Lexi Wolfe (of Emmerdale fame no less!!) who performed her Vampire cabaret for the first time I believe and she did it beautifully.
    As it was getting on for 10ish it was time for Pocketwatch, our paths had crossed before at the Asylum in Lincoln and it was great to see them again, they are such a talented band, I'd love a CD (hint!). Their version of the Smashing Pumpkins song "Tonight, tonight" was just...well...smashing! however the night was drawing on and soon it was Gladstone's turn in the (s)limelight.

    After a great introduction from Darren Demondaz the lights went down and Amy Teacake sounded a mournful bell on her keyboard, Spook came on complete with lantern and Scarecrow mask and began......"Five and twenty ponies trotting through the dark....." the band launched into Night Creatures, Cloud in long black coat with a sheep skull around his neck looked demonic, Paul Shovel Hands thundered his bass and a zombified Dave Evil dripped venom from his drums.
    From Night Creatures came The Madness of Tilly Matthews and on through Bluey, The Ballad of William Winter and Twisted Lip. Through Newgate and Dr Dexter's Dream they went and Jack Hall went down well with everyone clapping in time, the new composition Purple Reefer sounded great and The Curse of Tutankhamun brought an end to the set. Gladstone ended the night with covers of TMTWNBBFN's Boilerplate Dan, God Save the Queen and a superb blast of Metallica's For Whom the Bell Tolls.

    It had been a fantastic night....but it was not over, the wonder of Slimelight was yet to be explored and it was with great enthusiasm, Spook and Mr Evil didn't leave until 5.30am!
    We must express our thanks to Living on Video, Kirlian Blue, Darren Demondaz, Claira  Idrilieth Hooper (great photos) and Julia Gosling (my lovely guide to the Slimelight) and Thadeus Tinker and Lady Elsie for the recommendation...we love you all!!

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Friday, 16 November 2012



    Hello Sherlock's Dog here reporting on a grand time I had at The Shed in Leicester, proceedings kicked off at 7.30, there was some great stalls inside from such creative souls as Lorna Grace Vibert, Jacklyn Hyde and Biff Raven-hill's Wartime Housewife. At 8ish the wonderful Crimson Clocks stormed the stage and gave us a great performance including songs from their Ingeniously Evil CD, red violins and Celtic war Goddesses at the ready!
Crimson Clocks

    Next to grab the limelight was Bury St Edmunds premier Steampunk band Metropolis, on only their second outing they gave a fantastic set including Desensitised and My where you're pointing that Ray gun Raymond!

    Soon it was time for the brilliant Birthrite, giving us all their old favourites like Goodbye Happiness and Square Dance, Erazamus leapt around like a chap possessed, real 20th Century Boys.
Birthrites Jonny Zygen

Mike Bower joins Gladstone.
    Finally after a short intermission Gladstone took to the stage with Spook wearing a rather disturbing Scarecrow mask and launched into Night Creatures, they played their songs of the macabre like The Ballad of William Winter and The Curse of Tutankhamun saving The Madness of Tilly Matthews till the end when they were joined on stage by Mr Mike Bower of BB Blackdog. 
They played with two basses for "Tilly Matthews" and on a cracking version of Metallicas For Whom the Bell Tolls, this wrapped up a great night, many thanks to the traders, the performers, Dave the sound guy, Giles Warhurst for the photos, Mike Bower the 6th member of Gladstone and finally the audience without whom............

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Friday, 2 November 2012

HallowSteam: Fright night in Birmingham.

HallowSteam, Fright night in Birmingham.

    So wearing my scariest collar and goggles I was off to The Roadhouse in Stirchley for a night of steam horror and punk terror, kicking off with Metropolis a new Steampunk band from Bury St Edmunds who blend prog and new wave into an incredible sound, next to tread the boards was Count Ilya Rostov with his hilarious tales of Vampire Beetroot!! Headlining this first half of the entertainments was the awesome Birthrite who delivered an incredible and energetic performance.

Zombie Dave!
    After a short interval Birminghams own Crimson Clocks brought the crimson hour much closer, evil geniuses at have been warned!! It was at this part in the evening that my lot appeared skulking around the stage like an undead plague, Gladstone thundered into The Madness of Tilly Matthews and continued in this vein delivering their usual tales of murder, curses and poor career choices to a very appreciative audience (thanks everyone!!),  they ended on a rollicking rendition of God save the Queen then hit the bar......some things never change!
    Once the dust had settled cockney power was unleashed in the form of The Cogkneys who's ribaldary know no bounds, "Pull your bloody trousers up" wise words indeed....Next PIRATES, Seas of Mirth brought nautical mayhem and plundered all before them in an awesome display piratical mischief, watch out for that bleedin' big crab!
Seas of Mirth...garrrrr

    Polishing off the night with style was our old mates BB Blackdog with wandering bassist Mike making sure everyone saw his performance as he went from room to room smashing out a thunderous bass line and Axle giving a superb drum solo, Dale cool as ever played all our favourites and ended a superb night. Many thanks must go Linzi for organising this great event, to the compare Mr Agamemnon When for his insightful commentary between acts, the traders who (as ever) brought the most amazing gadgets, gizzmos and gifts for our delight and the Steampunks, you amazing people!!
BB Blackdog 

Next...Steampunks at the Shed, look out Leicester!

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Some more photos from the Roadhouse, thanks to Linzi Cooke and Giles Warhurst (great pics guys);

Mr Voss in good voice.

Paul "Shovel Hands" becomes Sub Zero.

Amy Teacake, yes those horns are real!!