Monday, 22 October 2012

A Wicked time in Worcester.

A wicked time in Worcester.

    Out and about again on 20th October (my paws do ache!) this time Gladstone arrived at the rather beautiful city of Worcester and the incredible venue that is The Commandery, the Steampunk weekend was in full swing when we got there with loads of stalls selling all manner of interesting goodies, so we did the thing we do!!
Crimson Clocks.
    The music event was a little way across the city in St. Swithun's Hall so we all ended up there where we were treated to beef chilli, rice and BEER!!  First on was Crimson Clocks who treated us to songs from their new CD "Ingeniously Evil" and many more, Linzi was a vision in red (nice boots!).
    Next on was our mates Gladstone, they played all the favourites "Madness of Tilly Matthews", "Night Creatures", "Twisted Lip", "The Curse of Tutankhamun" the only difference was due to the lack of time they were unable to play any covers...aaahhh maybe next time Worcester you'll get the full treatment!!

    Then to top the night off we had the pleasure of seeing Birthrite who delivered a fantastic set of old and new songs, where does Erazamus get the energy from??
    Our thanks goes to the organisers of this great event, the wonderful audience, to the sound guys who really did go the extra mile and of course to DJ Mutlee who pleasured our ears with truly wonderful sounds, I've also nicked his photos!! (cheers mate).
    In the next instalment, Hallowsteam........

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Monday, 15 October 2012

An Illuminating time in Matlock Baths.

  Matlock Baths Illuminata & Market.

  Well I was as happy as a dog with two tales as I wandered into Matlock Baths, I've never seen so many Tea shops and Fish'n'chips shops this far from the sea, the town is an amazing Victorian resort and the perfect setting for....The Steampunk Illuminata and Market. Actually the Illuminations have been going on since 1897 but this was the first Steampunk event to be held in the town.
    Kicking off on Friday night among the advance guard of Steampunks was Mr Dale Rowles and Herr Axle Boldt, they played a great set of cover songs including classics such as Hendrix's "Foxy Lady" and Canned Heat's "On the Road Again".
Axle (as I believe most of you know) is 6 feet 8 inches in height, he then played a drum kit built for a 4 year old, it was a sight not to be missed and he played it very well, we even got a drum solo!!
    At 10.30 it was time for Gladstone, on they came with their new mascot James and after dedicating the first song to Tina Sharpe and Mike Bower they were off into "The Madness of Tilly Matthews", the set included old favourites like "Night Creatures", "The Ballad of William Winter", "Twisted Lip" and "The Curse of Tutankhamun". "Jack Hall" went down very well with the audience participating in clapping along to the song as did the new composition by Ms Amy Teacake "Purple Reefer". But as is the way with these things time did sprout wings and fly, all too soon they were playing their customary covers of TMTWNBBFN "Boilerplate Dan" and of course "God Save the Queen", with the shouting of "MORE" they performed "For Whom the Bell Tolls" then it was time to go, suddenly the band disappeared into the night, Cloud landed about 10 miles away with Tina, the Sanders family took in Mr Dave Evil (which was brave!) and Ms Teacake, Paul Shovel Hands and Spook ended up with Cas & David Sharpe who produced an amazing Chilli and rice...mmmmm.

Gladstone meets Professor Elemental.
    Next day the crew of Gladstone could rest and enjoy the delights of the Steampunk market, wandering around stalls stacked with the most ingenious and highly crafted goods imaginable along with dancing from Demolitia Tribal and her Boudicca Revival, in the evening we were treated to the fantastic Professor Elemental who had everyone laughing with his tales of Tea, Monkey Butlers and Being British!! To top the night off we had a riproaring set by BB Blackdog, much head banging and paw stomping later we headed off back to Cas & David's this time with all five Glastones and Professor Elemental and so ended a remarkable weekend our thanks go to ALL of those who organised this event, we can't wait for the next one. I must thank Cas Sharpe, David Broadbent and Amy "Teacake" Bradford for the photographs, most kind.

This is Sherlock's Dog signing off......TTFN Gladstonians.

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Spook, Teacake, Shovel Hands and Mr Evil with James!

Monday, 8 October 2012

 Mansfield Steampunk Convivial.

    A report from Sherlock's Dog, your on the spot reporter......
    Place..The Intake Club.
    When..29th September.

    What a great place for a convivial I thought as I walked into the club, people patting me on the head and saying "what-ho old thing", very friendly indeed!! There were stalls selling all sorts of goodies from the highest quality leather goods to intricately carved walking staffs (I would say sticks but these were much longer!!) and everything betwixt...
Lady's & Gents...THE COGNEYS

    As for entertainment first on was that mischievous duo The Cogneys with a splendid and hilarious set filled with saucy humour, innuendo and fun (a magnificent pair of Zeppelins!!). Next to tread the boards were my old muckers Gladstone sporting there new mascot James, they played all of our favourites from "The Madness of Tilly Matthews" to "Twisted Lip" through to "The Curse of Tutankhamun" and more besides.The crowd were VERY enthusiastic indeed, by the time they played TMTWNBBFN's "Boilerplate Dan" and the Pistols "God Save the Queen" the crowd were bouncing around most merrily, in fact another song was called Cloud, Paul and Mr Evil gave them a dose of  Metallica's "For Whom the Bell Tolls"...more bouncing about later it was time for Gladstone to depart the stage and on came the wonderous BB Blackdog.

    BB played a storming set with the lovely Demolitia Tribal, which included classics like "Politicians", "Naive Common Sense", "What You Need", the positively naughty "Gimp" and "Speed Dating" as well as new songs such as "The Chicken Song" which whipped the crowd up no end!!

ooohh I say, steady on.....
    All too soon it had to end, but not before Spook Stoker and Dale Rowles had been arrested by what can only be described as a SteamPeeler (or maybe a Policepunk??) but our beautiful female fans (with help from Cloud and Axle) came to our rescue...well nearly!! It was a great night with much fun and merriment, I hope to meet all of my friends, new and old, again very soon (I hope you don't mind me pinching your photos Giles).
A brave rescue attempt from Cloud!

Until next time Gladstonians, I bid you a good day.....

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