Saturday, 17 March 2012

Interview with the Keyboardist

    Good evening Gladstonians, I was on my evening constitutional when I bumped into Miss Amy "Teacake" Bradford, so I took the opportunity to interrogate her about stuff..........

S.D Hello Amy, what instrument do you play in Gladstone?

A.B I play a Yamaha PSR-295.

S.D When you're not tickling the ivories what do you like to do?

A.B I like to draw and I do Taekwondo.

S.D What do you do during the week?

A.B I study animation at university.

S.D Do you have any favourite animators?

A.B I love all of Dreamwork Studio's works.... Kung Fu panda, Shrek etc.

S.D You have been to several Steampunk events, which has been your favorite?

A.B Going to see Sherlock Holmes 2 with the Nottingham Steampunk crew was probably the best.

S.D What bands have influenced you?

A.B I can't really note what bands have influenced me but I love Alexisonfire, Coheed and Cambria, Abney Park and Breaking Benjamin. + more but I'm lazy

S.D What got you interested in Steampunk?

A.B In all honesty I just got dragged into it when I joined the band, but then found it really intriguing.... Strange is definitely my thing.

S.D Thanks for taking the time for this interview, what advice do you have for someone just picking up the keyboard?

A.B Don't drop it..... might break

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