Sunday, 29 April 2012

Gladstone live in Whitby.

Gladstone live in Whitby.

Hello Gladstonians, 
    I hope you have all been well. Friday saw the band heading off to the coast of Yorkshire and sampling the delights of the Whitby Goth and Steampunk weekend, however, plans for an early start were dashed when 50% of our transport was lost!!!!!!!! Aaaahhh was the cry, but all was well when we got a van, but it meant we were going to be late.......
    Arriving at last we wasted no time in getting everything in order and set up, with the expert help of Mr Thadeus Tinker we got a good sound and off we went, starting with "The Madness of Tilly 
Matthews" and "Bluey", Spooks little temperance 
rhyme went down well at the bar and off into "Night Creatures". Here Mr McBuggerballs and Spook did "The Ballad of William Winter" then the band were off again into "Twisted Lip", "Newgate" and "Dr Dexter's Dream". Another ballad called 
"Oh me name it is Jack Hall...."
"Jack Hall" was played with Mr Dave Evil and Spook, then "Hall of the Mountain King" followed by "The Curse of Tutankhamun". To finish we did two covers the first in honour of the great TMTWNBBFN we played "Boilerplate Dan" to which there was much singing in the audience and to end there was "God Save the Queen" which went down very well.

    So after a hectic day it ended well, after the gig the band checked in to their rooms and socialised, then there came the walk............
    At around 12.30am the band and our good friend Evie walked through the virtually deserted streets
Dave Evil, Shovel Hands Hutchins, Spook and Mr McBuggerballs on the whitby walk.                                             
 of Whitby, Cloud McBuggerballs played his harmonica, the tune is now known as "The Whitby Walk" and we saw this beautiful town lit up and peaceful.
Evie with Cloud who is playing "The Whitby Walk".
 Arriving at our accommodation we soon fell asleep (after the usual round of jokes and strange noises), next day we were up early(ish) and on the way to pack the equipment we saw Mark, Donna and Molly Sanders who looked fantastic, soon we were off to look around the stalls, finding the bargains and looking good we went for a group photo with Steve Frearson and BB Blackdogs very own Dale Rowles, Axle Boldt and Demolitia Tribal, then we all went to town with Miss Molly Sanders to pose around and go to the pub! Just before we left we bumped into our good friend Gill Coker and had a good chat, it was great to see her again.
Amy Teacake looking splendid.

   With a long journey ahead of us we reluctantly had to leave and so ended an incredibly good weekend, we made so many new friends and we can't wait to go again. Many thanks must go to Mr Thadeus Tinker and Lady Elsie for asking us to play, their kindness will not be forgotten.

Good-bye for now dear friends......

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