Monday, 22 October 2012

A Wicked time in Worcester.

A wicked time in Worcester.

    Out and about again on 20th October (my paws do ache!) this time Gladstone arrived at the rather beautiful city of Worcester and the incredible venue that is The Commandery, the Steampunk weekend was in full swing when we got there with loads of stalls selling all manner of interesting goodies, so we did the thing we do!!
Crimson Clocks.
    The music event was a little way across the city in St. Swithun's Hall so we all ended up there where we were treated to beef chilli, rice and BEER!!  First on was Crimson Clocks who treated us to songs from their new CD "Ingeniously Evil" and many more, Linzi was a vision in red (nice boots!).
    Next on was our mates Gladstone, they played all the favourites "Madness of Tilly Matthews", "Night Creatures", "Twisted Lip", "The Curse of Tutankhamun" the only difference was due to the lack of time they were unable to play any covers...aaahhh maybe next time Worcester you'll get the full treatment!!

    Then to top the night off we had the pleasure of seeing Birthrite who delivered a fantastic set of old and new songs, where does Erazamus get the energy from??
    Our thanks goes to the organisers of this great event, the wonderful audience, to the sound guys who really did go the extra mile and of course to DJ Mutlee who pleasured our ears with truly wonderful sounds, I've also nicked his photos!! (cheers mate).
    In the next instalment, Hallowsteam........

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