Monday, 16 March 2015

Heart's Cog Imperative book launch.

Risc Cafe, Reading.

    On Saturday 7th March we found ourselves in the privileged position of taking part in the launch of the Steampunk novel Heart's Cog Imperative by Steven C. Davis and S. J Stewart, in their own words "The Heart's Cog Imperative is the tale of the stolen Royal British empire airship the Herbert George and her crew, headed by bookseller-turned-rogue, Captain Jasper Woods. He is ably assisted & hindered by his crew of Thistle Wales, Fuschine Nagle, Pallograph Smith, Hadron Templeton, Prometheus Jones, Rain Silvermore, and others ...Heart's Cog Imperative FB page
    A donation was also raised for the charity New Futures Nepal who do excellent work raising awareness for orphaned and disadvantaged children in Nepal (New Futures Nepal). The night began with a reading from the novel by Steven C. Davis, Jane Setter and Gladstone's Gordon Stoker, this reading outlined the basic plot of the novel introducing important characters and setting the scene for the next reading which would follow first a tournament of tea dueling, a well fought and courageous clash of wills.
steampunk tea dueling - gladstone plays Reading

    Following many a fair fought duel came the superb Crimson Clocks, with songs from Celtic mythology to evil geniuses, it was good to see Trevor on good form.
 Sadly as Steve could not make it on this occasion Dave Evil of Gladstone joined the Crimson's for the song Red Violin, the set also included among many others Shadow, Limbo and Crossroads. The set went very well and Linzi, Colin and Jo performed magnificently (Crimson Clocks).
    Another reading from Heart's Cog Imperative followed the Crimson Clocks, this reading expanded on the rebels and described in very exciting detail an airship battle between East Indiaman airships and the Herbert George airship stolen by the rebels, to know more seek out the novel!!
hearts cog imperative - steampunk Reading

   As the evening drew to a close Gladstone came on in traditional noisy fashion with Night Creatures and carried on in that vein with Bluey, Twisted Lip, The Madness of Tilly Mathews, Dr Dexter's Dream, Purple Reefer, Newgate, Curse of Tutankhamun and the haunting Gaslight.
Night creatures - Gladstone steampunk
With still time to thrash a few more songs out Cloud sang For Whom the Bell Tolls, then God Save the Queen followed by Boilerplate Dan, finally finishing on a well received version of Jack Hall (Gladstone). Download the album "Tales from the Jago" here; Tales from the Jago.

    I would like to thank Steven C. Davis and L.M Cooke for the photos, here's a few more;


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