Saturday, 18 April 2015

BresSteam & the Vagabond's Ball.

BresSteam & the Vagabond's Ball.


A Steampunk Extravaganza!!

    Fair ground rides, steam trains, traction engines and a Dad's Army museum, what more excuse do you need to visit Bressingham Steam and Gardens, well, how about the fantastic BresSteam Steampunk event. The event was hosted by the very talented Myster Crowe of Thy Last Drop and was an enormous success, there were stalls galore selling all kinds of gadgets, trinkets and apparel, a magician, a burlesque dancer (Finesse Tempress) and to top it all there was the Vagabond's Ball.

    The night kicked off with the retro futuristic space sounds of Metropolis, a superb live band, they played songs from their debut album "Just Killing Time" and the new album "Out of Mind", it was great to see these guys again, it seems an age since we last shared a stage.
Thy Last Drop.

    Next up was us, yes Gladstone hit the stage fast and furious, with not much room to swing his cane Spook took to the floor during Night Creatures, the set went on with the new punk song King Ludd, all the classics from "Tales from the Jago" followed and also included the new Gaslight and for the first time in front of a live audience we played
Essence of Time, ending on a rip roaring version of God Save the Queen, it was soon time to hand over to the awesome purveyors of murder punk Thy Last Drop who's tales of ressurrectionists, hangings, mad monks and a curious trip to the gay bar had us all bouncing all over the place, Thy Last Drop are an amazing band who you must see live, can't wait for the album to make an appearence!!
Many thanks to Myster Crowe for having us, Ben & Andy the sound guys, Eternal Gothic (for my coat) and Tegan for the photos, here's some more.....
Tales from the Jago album download.
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