Sunday, 13 May 2012

A night at The Bantam, with Tape and Gladstone.

    I have been a busy pup these last few weeks, nearly walked my legs off. This week I ended up at The Bantam in Northampton and my word what a night I had.....

    Gladstone were playing with their good friends Tape and when both bands arrived at the pub no one had been told that there was a 
Tape in action.
gig at all...aahhh! But it was soon sorted out and we began to set up, Tape began at 9pm and played a great set which as well as their own compositions included songs from Nirvana and The Pixies.
    At around 10pm it was Gladstone's turn and on they came straight into "The Madness of Tilly Matthews", the set followed the now familiar routine of "Bluey", "Night Creatures" (which had to be started again due to a technical difficulty!) and "The Ballad of William Winter", during "William Winter" Cloud and Spook were joined by Amy Teacake who played a haunting melody on the keyboard.
Amy Teacake and Cloud.
    At this point quite bizarrely old Spook was asked to move his car from one parking space to another around the corner! So with the singer temporarily AWOL Dave Evil and Cloud Gingeris McBuggerballs played the Metallica song "For Whom the Bell Tolls" to the delight of two rather inebriated souls at the front who for the remainder of the set shouted "Satan" every five minutes......!
Dave Evil and Spook perform "Jack Hall".
    With Spook back in place Gladstone resumed the set with "Twisted Lip" followed by "Newgate" and "Dr Dexter's Dream", they got some good audience participation during "Jack Hall" with everyone clapping along to the song and a cry of "Satan" or two.   Next was "Mountain King" followed by "The Curse of Tutankhamun" which was well delivered and received equally well by the audience with the odd shout of "Satan", of course! The end of the set was in sight when Gladstone played the last two songs, the cover of TMTWNBBFN's "Boilerplate Dan" and the epic "God Save the Queen".
Mr Paul "Shovel Hands" Hutchins....
Cloud Gingeris McBuggerballs V.
    It had been a strange night but a good one, many thanks to those who came down to see us, it's always good to see our friends and meet new ones.    Good to see you again Andy, glad you made it Jason and once again thanks Ian for the photos, where would Sherlock's Dog be without you!

Until next long, farewell, auf wiedersehen goodbye......

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