Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Interview with the guitarist, Cloud Gingeris McBuggerballs V.

    It's strange the things you find lurking on the sofa after a friendly late night get together, I was just about to go for my morning walk when a voice hailed me from the living room...."hey! Sherlock's Dog....let me tell you a thing or two...."  
so here goes;

S.D Hello Cloud what instrument do you play in the band?

C.G.M.V She is an Ibinez EP 700 called Kate and she is like a typical woman...occasionally she is moody and picky as to what she will play, but in general she is like most women, she is reliable and we experienced great things together...we are quite intimate.

S.D When you're not entertaining Kate what do you like to do?

C.G.M.V I do like to watch South Park and explore the meanderings of the Homo sapien brain. I do like cultural pursuits such as literature and politics.

S.D What has been your best Steampunk event so far?

C.G.M.V It must be playing at Steampunk Central at the Whitby Goth Weekend it was this that made it really special, it was a while since I'd been to the sea side and as a seaman at heart I cherish being near the sea. I love the colour black and there were the most amazing people dressed in black I've ever met on top of which the architecture was breath taking.

S.D What bands influenced you to take up the guitar?

C.G.M.V Aaahh well.....Vader, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Megadeath, Queen, Guns and Roses, Pink Floyd and obviously Jimi Hendrix.

S.D Do you enjoy many Steampunk bands?

C.G.M.V Indeed I do....TMTWNBBFN, Abney Park, BB Blackdog and Ghostfire.

S.D  What got you into Steampunk?

C.G.M.V I always felt drawn to the style and literature of the Victorian era but I did not know there was a name for it, then I heard of Steampunk. When I was first introduced to Steampunk I thought the whole movement was there to extol the intellectual and technological merits of the Victorian era, which in my opinion have advanced some members of human kind to a level of great humanity and kindness and those people are Steampunks....and there is always lace up corsets and cleavages!!

S.D Thanks for taking the time for this interview, what would you say to someone just picking up the guitar for the first time?

C.G.M.V Don't put yourself under pressure and make sure you love what you're doing, an art form comes from the heart.

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