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Steampunk Summer Solstice

Steampunk Summer Solstice

The Lime Kilns, Wirksworth, Derbyshire.

Saturday 16th June 2012.

    After an early start Sherlock's Dog headed north to the beautiful scenery of Derbyshire and in particular the rock face behind the Lime Kilns pub in Wirksworth. There I was greeted to pats on the head and tickles behind the ears from many of my good friends.
    The event was organised by Andie Brazewell, Dale Rowles and Demolitia Tribal and it included stalls selling everything from clothes to ray guns to cakes, everything a discerning Steampunk would want...including a new frock coat (thanks Donna and Mark!). 
    As  for entertainment....what a treat! During the afternoon we had Mark Haworth II, Stuart Robinson, Harriet McDonnell, the great Whiskey Bob Shaker, John Ferguson's band Beeker, D H Lawrence & the Vauderville Skiffle Show and dance demonstrations from the very talented Boudica Revival.
Crimson Clocks.

    From 6 o'clock onwards we had heavy metal band 3 Second Fuse who's explosive set blasted away the rain (briefly!), then came Birmingham's own Crimson Clocks on only their second performance! They played a fantastic set, with original songs about such things as evil genius's (nice cat Linzi! tick tock, tick tock)
    Then it was our turn and Gladstone were on! We went through our usual set and got a great reaction from the crowd with songs like "Night Creatures" and "Twisted Lip" especially when Dave Evil invaded the crowd and played his triangle! "Jack Hall" had everyone clapping in time and during Hall of the Mountain King our good friend Xander Wood came on stage and did what could only be described as a "Dick Van Dyke chimney sweep dance from Mary Poppins", this led nicely into "The Curse of Tutankhamun" and our last songs.
Cloud delivers the fifth element.

We ended on TMTWNBBFN Boilerplate Dan and the Sex Pistols God Save the Queen much to the audience's delight, we had a great time but all too soon it was our turn to leave the stage to the headliners BB Blackdog. It was the first time I had met the new bassist Mike and he definitely gets the thumbs up, and so with Dale sporting a new pith helmet the boys delivered a great set which was well received by all. 
BB Blackdog.

    The day was a great success despite the rain, it was so good to see so many friends old and new, thanks to Molly Sanders for taking soooo many photos and thanks to Linzi Cooke for allowing me to use some of hers, we'll see you all again soon until then stay safe and keep well.    

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sleep well boys and girls!

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