Monday, 31 December 2012

Yuletide adventures in Wakefield.

            A Merry Wakefield Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Guess where we've been lately, well..... 22nd saw us on a northward trajectory landing right outside The Snooty Fox in Wakefield.....which was handy as this was where the Steampunk Christmas Party was being held with our good friends BB Blackdog, Birthrite, Demolitia Tribal, Montague Jacques Fromage and Crimson Clocks.
    However even this great event was tinged with tragedy, the night before BB Blackdog had their van broken into and all the equipment therein stolen.....I hope this lowlife are caught and dealt with severely, please use this link and help out these great guys;
Crimson Clocks with Cloud.
    On a happier note things got off to a great start with Crimson Clocks giving us a fantastic opening set with songs from there debut CD Ingeniously Evil, the cover of Hanoi Rocks "Dead by Christmas" with our very own Cloud Gingeris McBuggerballs V on guitar was extremely memorable!! 
Steampunkfunkster Monty.
Yuletide fun with Birthrite.
    Our incomparable compere for the night was the amazing Steampunkfunkster Montague Jacques Fromage who had come all the way from the good old USA, he did an amazing job introducing the bands and making us all move in some oddly funky ways as only he can (yes we are looking at you Cloud!). Next to tread the festive boards was the Black Country rockers Birthrite, they just get better and better with new songs from a promised second album (soon please!). They played many old favourites from the "If it ain't bost" CD, Erazamus gave a very lively performance, Mark Thinsliced thundered an incredible bass alongside  Jonny's sonic assault and Dek blasted all before was good!
Spook and Cloud......the Night Creatures.
    With an introduction to die for by Master of the Funk Monty, Gladstone rose from the Yuletide mists....Amy Teacake tolled the death bell while Spook lurked lamp in hand and suitably disguised, in a moment they launched into Night Creatures....
    Running through Bluey, The Ballad of William Winter, Twisted Lip (with Mr Evil playing a devilish triangle), Newgate, Dr Dexter's Dream, Jack Hall, Purple Reefer, Mountain King and The Curse of Tutankhamun was such fun, Gladstone ended on their customary covers beginning with TMTWNBBFN's Boilerplate Dan, Sex Pistols God save the Queen, at this point Paul Shovel hands was joined on bass by BB Blackdog's Mike Bower for The Madness of Tilly Matthews and the final song Metallica's For Whom the Bell Tolls.
BB Blackdog bring the house down.
    Finally rounding the night off was the amazing BB Blackdog, they gave us songs old and new and had everyone dancing, Demolitia danced divinely as always, Peter got gimped (a nice birthday treat for him!), on borrowed kit they played an amazing set and didn't let the days events spoil anything, for what these lads and lady had gone through to still get up there and play was just incredible, .....chaps we salute you......
    The brilliant photographs used here were taken by the very talented Gentlemen Mr Giles Warhurst and Mr Andy Stephenson, many thanks for your permission to use them.
    So now it is New Years Eve, no gig tonight and the crew of Gladstone will all be in different places to celebrate, from me Sherlock's Dog and on behalf of Gladstone we wish you a very Happy New year and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the fantastic year you have given us, see you all in 2013.

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  1. Fantastic - wish I could have been there

    1. We'll be playing in Northampton in March, I'll keep you posted :)