Thursday, 28 February 2013

A New Year and a Steampunk Convivial.

A New Year and a Steampunk Convivial.

    The new year kicked off to a flying start with the release of the compilation CD Northampton Under Glass 2 from White Elephant Records, along with other great Northampton bands such as Ethereal K and Venus Fly Trap the CD features Gladstone's The Madness of Tilly Matthews. Other band news, we've been busy recording tracks for our first album, it's been a slow process but we're getting there.......honest! The band were also mentioned in The Squash Magazine in an article on Steampunk written by our good friend Biff Raven-Hill, read it here;
    So, to our first gig of the year, The Second Surrey Steampunk Convivial which was held at The Royal Oak, New Malden. The day was filled with splendid events such as Tea duelling, clockwork snail racing, shadow puppets and the incredible creations of Herr Doktor. Laughs (and groans) for the day were brought by the excellent Count Rostov, the music began with Dirty Spoons, a lively folk band followed by Moth who gave us a great set and got the audience ready for Birmingham's own Crimson Clocks. Following the Crimsons were the excellent Birthrite who gave us a great set against a back drop playing black and white films, finally it was Gladstone's turn on stage but unfortunately time was not our friend this night, the venue had a live music curfew of 11 o'clock and we hit the stage at 10.40!! So with time fast disappearing we ran swiftly through Night Creatures, The Madness of Tilly Matthews, Bluey, Twisted Lip, Hall of the Mountain King and The Curse of Tutankhamun, it was disappointing but we did our best to play as many songs as possible. Next up, The Shed, Leicester and our Glastonbudget audition.....see you soon Gladstonians.

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