Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Steampunks in the snow, Steampunks at the seaside.

Steampunks in the snow, Steampunks at the seaside.

Another day in the life of Sherlock's Dog.

Friday night arrived in a swirl of snowflakes, it was all very pretty....miserable!! It was 22nd March and we were off to the Charles Bradlaugh, Northampton, we were playing with some awesome bands that night but because of the white menace Birthrite had to cancel. So it was up to the other three bands to put on a good show, first up was LHASA Calling a Northampton post-punk band on their first outing and they pulled it off magnificently, next was
Gladstone with a masked Spook wandering around lantern in hand to Amy's tolling bells. We went through the usual set only leaving out a couple because of time restraints and ending on Sex Pistols "God Save The Queen", in all a good gig, it made a change playing in front of a local audience and we really enjoyed ourselves. Headlining was the superbly dark Venus Fly Trap who had just completed a European tour, it's always a pleasure to see these guys play, they did tracks from their latest album "Nemisis" and a superb cover of The Cramps "Human Fly".

Venus Fly Trap
  It was great to see some of our friends turning up and braving the inclement weather, many thanks to you all, soon it was time to load up and it was like a blizzard!! This worried us because in just a few hours time we were driving 180 miles down to Camber Sands and.............. Steampunk at the Seaside.....
    We left a very snowy Northampton at 10am Saturday 23rd and drove carefully out towards the motorway....which was clear so there was no problem, we were off!! Arriving safely we booked into our caravans and explored, we bumped into many friends and familiar faces, always smiling, always friendly. At 5 it was time to sound check, the headline band for the weekend had arrived......The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing!! They sound checked first and played two new songs (we were the first to hear 'em), then we did ours, doors opened at 7pm, Gladstone were on at 8.30.
    "It's an odd feeling singing a song about the place your standing on!" said Spook later, but that's what Night Creatures is all about, smuggling on Romney Marsh, as usual it was performed with mask in place, Cloud looked every inch the mad axeman with his sheep skull (it's called Alan) around his neck and a devilish gleam in his eye! and with a thundering bass from Paul "shovel hands" we went into The Madness of Tilly Matthews, Bluey, The Ballad of William Winter,
Mr Evil, Jack Hall.
Twisted Lip, Newgate, Dr Dexter's Dream, zombie Dave Evil entered the crowd and played his snare drum for Jack Hall, then Purple Reefer, Hall of the Mountain King and The Curse of Tutankhamun. At this point something we will remember for a long time happened, usually in our set at this point we play Boilerplate Dan but TMTWNBBFN were here and looking at us, haha!! we had their permission so we played it anyway, it went down a treat, it was a weird and exciting experience!! We ended on God Save The Queen and For Whom The Bell Tolls which had the audience bouncing around, at the end they shouted for more...oh dear...more..err, ok, so we gave them Twisted Lip again then ran for it!!
    To top the night TMTWNBBFN played an AWESOME set, they are without doubt one of the best SteamPUNK bands in Europe, they played all the classics you would expect from both albums plus the two new tracks Gin and (please forgive me if I get it wrong) Necropolis, we were singing "Jesus was a f**king Cockney" for the rest of the night! All too soon it was over, Marc and Andrew DJ'd for a few hours while we drifted further and further into a befuddled state thanks to several pints at the bar.
    Next morning it was big breakfast and even bigger mugs of tea...uurrgg.....we arrived back in snowy Northampton with some great memories, it was fantastic, thanks to Thadeus Tinker, Lady Elsie and the VSS for having us, the Steampunks for being sooo friendly and TMTWNBBFN for just being good mates, cheers.
    The photos used here were taken by Giles Warhurst, Lucas Fairbrother and Michelle Cooper, many thanks.

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