Monday, 11 March 2013

Tales of a Shed and a Library

Tales of a Shed and Library.

    Good day to you Ladies and Gentlemen, Sherlock's Dog here again with some more band news. First off  a short trip to Leicester and our re-scheduled audition for the Glastonbudget festival (the first was cancelled due to very snowy conditions...frozen paws, not nice!), this took place on 1st March at that amazing venue The Shed. We did a 30 minute set which included our faster songs like Night Creatures, The Madness of Tilly Matthews, Bluey, Twisted Lip, Dr Dexter's Dream, Hall of the Mountain King and finishing with The Curse of Tutankhamun. The gig went down very well and I must thank our fans for turning up and giving us some incredible support, the good news is we got through and we will be playing the Glastonbudget festival along side (so far) BB Blackdog, Birthrite and Metropolis in May, the times and running order has yet to be finalised but you can keep up to date with developments here;
    So what's this about a library I hear you ask....well, on the 9th March off we went on our travels again this time to the furthest north we have ever played, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear. This was a bit of a homecoming for our singer Spook as he hails from Morpeth, just a little further north! The Anachronism was a celebration of all things Steampunk/Cyberpunk and was held at Gateshead central library, in the Caedmon Hall was a large stage and lots of great stalls selling all sorts of wonderful goodies. Through the day there were craft workshops, talks, Tea Duelling, 99th Garrison the Star Wars Sith cosplayers looked incredible and local rapper B Type entertained us before the first band took to the stage, this was the awesome Birthrite!
    Birthrite played a fantastic set (as usual), Erazamus Voss bouncing all over the place and dancing with....anyone really! They played for about an hour and then it was our turn, now, there is something I have to confess, for the first time in the bands history we changed the line-up! What happened was......
Gladstone with Paul on guitar and Joe on bass.
due to personal reasons our beloved guitarist Cloud could not play this gig, it all happened at the last minute so we moved Paul "Shovel Hands" onto guitar and stole a bassist!! So introducing our new stand in bassist Mr Joe "Sticky Fingers" Foley, we have played with Joe's band Tape ( several times before (Sept 2011 Brixworth, May 2012 The Bantam, Northampton), Paul and Joe had three days to learn and practice the set, with Cloud's help they worked a miracle.
    The gig went very well, we started with Night Creatures, Tilly Matthews (during which we had the privilege of having Erazamus Voss and Mark Thinsliced of Birthrite on backing vocals), Bluey (during which Dave split his bass drum skin!), a very different version of The Ballad of William Winter (which sounded great!), Twisted Lip, a guitarless Newgate and Dr Dexter's Dream, Jack Hall, Purple Reefer, Mountain King, Curse of Tutankhamun and ending on a rip-roaring version of TMTWNBBFN's Boilerplate Dan. It had been a great day, but it was not over yet, after the gig we travelled north to Morpeth where we had a great feast at Spook's parents house and then drove into a cold snowy night to visit William Winter's Gibbet.....
    Next time...Cloud returns for a big Northampton gig and Steampunk at the sea side, stay tuned, be safe TTFN Gladstonians.

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