Monday, 13 May 2013

A Tremendous Time in Tewkesbury.

Claira's Birthday party.

Happy Birthday Claira.

    It was Saturday 11th May and we were off west to the beautiful town of Tewkesbury, the occasion was our good friend (and fan) Claira's birthday party at The Northway pub. After a warm welcome we set up and sound checked, then at around 10.30pm we went on.
    We began with Night Creatures and were soon into The Madness of Tilly Matthews during which we dragged Claira up on stage to sing the chorus....ain't we cruel!!!
    We played a full set and really enjoyed ourselves, after Newgate the birthday cake was presented (a chocolate caterpillar....ooohhhh yeeesssss!!) then we carried on, Dave in full horror clown costume gave a disturbing performance of Jack Hall and we finished on a rousing
rendition of For Whom the Bell Tolls. It was a great party that went on until the early hours, many thanks go to Mr Joe Fairbrother for stepping in at the last minute, the awesome Mr Shadrik Easton for taking the photos and of course Claira for inviting us.

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