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    Hello Gladstonians, old Sherlock's Dog here with an update on what's been occurring in the Gladstone camp, well on 18th May we treaded hallowed boards at The Racehorse in Northampton, this iconic pub has hosted many local legends and it was great to finally play there.
  The event was "Rock on Stage 4th edition" and featured Lynchpyn (London), Podagra (Birmingham), The Red Triangle Circus Gang (Northampton) and us...we went on first. We had a 30 minute set to do and we started off in our traditional way with Night Creatures, The Madness of Tilly Matthews ect, at the end of our slot we were encouraged to play one more, so out came God Save the Queen....with further encouragement Mr McBuggerballs V and Mr Evil gave a roaring version of For Whom the Bell Tolls which brought to an end any more of our shenanigans. The gig went very well it was so good to see so many of our friends in the audience, thanks to everyone who made it your efforts are very much appreciated and many thanks go to Mr Joe Foley (of Tape fame) for playing Bass for us at such short notice.
    So we move on to 25th May and north Leicestershire for the much looked forward to Glastonbudget, there were several Steampunk bands on alongside us, they were Birthrite, BB Blackdog and Metropolis. It was (thankfully) a warm sunny day and just outside the marquee where we were playing was the Steampunk market area where our good mates Steve Frearson and Jacklyn Hyde (Jaqui & Giles) were plying their trade,we also met up with Claira who showed us around (I think she should have been working, but I won't tell!).
Johnny & Chris of Metropolis invade!!!
     There was a great atmosphere and each band performed magnificently, we were on at 6.15 and again we only had a 30 minute set, this time we included Jack Hall in the set list which went down well, we threw everything we had at giving a good performance as this was going to be Paul "Shovel Hands" Hutchins last gig with us, it is with great sadness that he must leave but we wish him well and the very best of luck with his future endeavours, for our future gigs we are proud to introduce Mr Mike Bower as the new member of Gladstone and I'm sure all Gladstonians will give him a rousing welcome.
    .......and so, what's next I hear you ask, we will be finishing the mixing on the album and trying to get a release date for around the Summer Solstice, as this is a totally DIY enterprise (how Punk is that!!!) we must crave your patience as it's not easy, but we are getting there I promise. Our next gig will be on Friday 28th June at the 2nd Steampunk Solstice at the Pavillion in Matlock Bath, lot's of bands and hods of traders it will be fantastic, I hope to see many of you there, many, many thanks go to the photographers who as always have done an amazing job, they are Irek Broda, Giles Warhurst and Fletch Photography https://www.facebook.com/fletchphotography1982, until then TTFN and stay safe.

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More photos, I hope you enjoy them.......
Mike and Cloud.....I presume!

Mr Evil.

The Spook.

Amy smiles!!!

Birthrite's Erazamus  Voss.

Mike on backing vocals for "Tilly Matthews".

Amy and Jaqui.


Thanks Paul, it's been an honour.

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