Monday, 8 July 2013

Celebrating the Solstice at Matlock Bath.

Steampunk Summer Solstice in Derbyshire, round 2.

    28th June saw the Gladstone posse heading north again to that beautiful town Matlock Bath, this time to a different venue, this time to.....The Pavillion, oh yes!
A Victorian view of the Pavillion.
    We were appearing on the Friday night of a full weekend of musical entertainment brought to you by the likes of BB Blackdog, Lord Montague Jacques Fromage, Birthrite, Metropolis, Crimson Clocks, Whiskey Bob Shaker and Sarah Knight and the Bluestones to name a few (well, most actually). Friday nights entertainment began with the superb Sarah Knight and the Bluestones who played a wonderful set comprising of some great covers by the likes of Deep Purple and The Doors.
Soon it was our turn and we played a full set, we were honoured by a guest appearance on Bass from BB Blackdog's Mike Bower who played a blinding set, many thanks to him. We played our usual set which went down very well, Dave looked particularly Evil in his new mask especially when he was lurking around the audience (Twisted Lip & Jack Hall), Cloud was (as usual) the epitome of cool, Amy Teacake looked fantastic in her Squaw costume and Spook was...just Spook! After a most enjoyable set we ended on God Save the Queen and For Whom the Bell Tolls, many thanks to all our friends who made it up to see us, you are all very much appreciated.
Dave Evil.
    Next on stage was that Steampunk funkster Lord Montague Jacques Fromage, he is a master of satire and a fantastic compere, he then introduced the awesome BB Blackdog with Mike doing his double shift playing another set for BB, I bet he slept well that night! BB Blackdog played a storming set, even Montague joined them on a song, it was superbly entertaining.
Biscuits from the Tattooed Cake Company
Just to make the night even better each member of Gladstone was presented with a biscuit made by the very talented Janet Norton of The Tattooed Cake Company and they were absolutely delicious, many thanks to the photographers, I'm not sure who exactly took what but those I do know of Mr Giles Warhurst of Jacklyn Hyde and Mr David Broadbent
    See you all again time Birmingham and The Front Line book launch 27th July.

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