Sunday, 11 August 2013

Hammer House of Hedonism, Gladstone returns.....

A lively time at the Electrowexz.

Darren Demondaz
Gladstone were very excited to return to play at Electrowexz/Slimelight on 3rd August, the Hammer House of Hedonism event was created by Living on Video and kicked off in grand fashion with a very humorous lecture on Vampires and their shifting sexualities in popular fiction and film by that dastardly dandy Mr Darren Demondaz, a very entertaining and informative talk indeed.
Nigel Osner
    Following Mr Demondaz was the excellent cabaret entertainer Nigel Osner who gave us a showcase from his "Men, Women and Vampires" show, a very talented man and it was great to see him again.
    Close on his heels came the incredible and very theatrical Alter Red with a fantastic set, a totally black clad singer (literally head to toe, see photo!) and automaton dancers gave us a very entertaining gig, we would love to see them again soon, highly recommended.
Alter Red
    Then it was our turn and with Amy's chimes Gladstone entered the stage complete with much corpse paint and masks, Night Creatures thundered out to a very lively audience as did The Madness of Tilly Matthews with Joe thumping out the opening bass line, we had an amazing time, it is always such a pleasure to play the Elecrowerxz. Bluey, William Winter, Twisted Lip, Newgate, Dr Dexter's Dream, Hall of the Mountain King and Curse of Tutankhamun all followed to an enthusiastic reception, we ended the set with the customary God Save the Queen (which had folks bouncing all over the place) and For Whom the Bell Tolls which ended up with a member of the audience joining Cloud on vocals, excellent stuff! All too soon it was over for us and we left the stage to the final act.
Mr McBuggerballs V

Gladstone, Night Creatures...
    The Mysterious Freakshow put on an amazing act, bet, they are a great and lively band and I look forward to meeting them again soon, after the bands it was over to the DJ's Mr Scott Mcmahon and Mr Simon Landmine for the best sounds in Steampunk, post punk and Goth, a fantastic night which for Sherlock's Dog ended at 6.30am, well past this puppy's bed time......until next time gutenacht and stay safe my friends.
The Mysterious Freakshow.
    The photos I've used come from the superb and the very talented, thanks Simon.

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