Friday, 30 August 2013

Gladstone Jouer de la Brasserie


    Sorry about the delay in writing this snippet of Gladstone news but this puppy has been busy wearing his paws down on the hard streets of London, being Sherlock's Dog ain't as easy as you may think!! Aannnyyy way back on 14th August the chaps and chapette found themselves heading back to London, in particular to that superb French restaurant Brasserie Toulous Lautrec on Newington Butts, Kennington. We were a little concerned as the music Gladstone play isn't exactly Eidith Piaf!! However, as we entered we were immediately surrounded by friends, some old mates, mostly new and all fantastic. So, to the wonderful piano playing of David we slowly got our stuff in and set up, with a short sound check we were ready to go at around 9.15.
    Unusually our set was to be in two halves, with a room fit to burst we started....Night Creatures soon blew any cobwebs (and Eidith Piaf fans) away, every now and then we play a song that concerns the area we're playing in and this night it was The Madness of Tilly Matthews, the Bedlam hospital he was an inmate of was situated just around the corner, it's now the Imperial War Museum, the perfect place to have a war museum! Moving on we then played Newgate, Dr Dexter's Dream, Purple Reefer and ended this first half with the Sex Pistols God Save the Queen, much bouncing around......
    After a half hour interlude it was time for Spook to get up and do his *ahem* turn, he stood up and did the Victorian rhyme "The Drunkard and the Pig", a temperance rhyme....from him!! This was followed by the amusing song "So Was I" and everyone in the audience joined in with the chorus, which was fantastic, next Spook was joined by Mr Dave Evil for the cautionary tale Jack Hall, then with the addition of Cloud, Joe and Amy we were back to the faster stuff. Twisted Lip followed then Bluey, Ballad of William Winter, TMTWNBBFN's Boilerplate Dan, Hall of the Mountain King, Curse of Tutankhamun and Metallica's For Whom the Bell Tolls, after many shouts for more and the audience in dancing mode we gave them God Save the Queen again before we had to call it a night, what an amazing night it was, we all felt great after and we were sorry to say goodbye to such an crackin' place.
    Many thanks to Pat Griffin for creating this wonderful night and for some of the photos, thanks also to Jules Gosling for the other photos, you guys rock. the Brasserie Toulous Lautrec link is here;

See you all at Raising Steam 21st-22nd September in Reading...........

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