Friday, 29 November 2013

A Steamy Night in Northampton

Steamy Skullduggery (not to mention Jiggery Pokery) in Northampton.

    Saturday 23rd November saw a Steampunk/ Gothic invasion of the Charles Bradlaugh pub in Northampton, folks came from miles around to experience the sonic delights of Gladstone, Birthrite and Blitz DJ. The doors opened at 8 to the superb sounds of DJ Alex and Dudley's finest Birthrite were on at 10, as ever these lads know how to deliver a great set, energy oozes from every verse and chorus.....great stuff!!
    After a short intermission Gladstone burst onto the stage, masked and murderous, with tales of murder, madness, curses and incarceration to name but few!! Much fun and dancing around ensued with Spook, Cloud, Teacake, Shovel hands and Evil giving their all, with a final rendition of God Save the Queen and For Whom the Bell Tolls ringing in the ears the night rocked on with DJ Alex's awesome set. What a splendid success the night was, many thanks to everyone who came down to see us, I know some travelled a very long way! Also many, many thanks go to Alex Novak (Spiral Archive) for organising, promoting, DJing and photographing this event (a man of unfathomable talents).

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