Monday, 21 October 2013


    Hello Sherlock's Dog here, I've been sent on many a strange investigation, but Vampires in Finedon.....surly not!! This (relatively) quiet town in Northamptonshire was the location for the first event organised by Mr Michael Sumner of Harrowden Books ( and it was a superb success, the event was held at the Finedon Community Centre which is a converted Victorian Gothic chapel, a perfect place to celebrate Bram Stoker's masterpiece, on entry patrons were encouraged to sign the "guestbook", this was a full size cardboard coffin donated by a local Funeral Director!!
Biff as Mina.
    The first performance was a reading from Dracula, Harker was played by Mr Steven C. Davis, Mina was Ms Biff Raven-Hill, the Brides of Dracula were three dancers from the Duende dance troupe, the voice of Dracula was Mr Gordon (Spook) Stoker and Dracula (the menacing figure in the background) was Mr Michael Sumner. The reading was from the beginning of the book when Harker is with Dracula in the castle and is made a prisoner whilst Mina pines for her love who is in such a distant and mysterious land.......
Spook and his "Brides".

 Following on from the reading we had an amazing performance from the Duende Dance Troupe which began with a solo dance entitled "Under a Blood Moon" and was followed by all seven dancers who danced to Dead Can Dance's "The Spider's Stratagem". 
Under a Blood Moon.

    The first of the bands for the night was Dudley's finest Birthrite, no stage can hold Erazamus, he was here, there, everywhere!! They gave a blistering performance playing songs old and new including the classic "Goodbye Happiness" the theme song from the Vampire series "Blood and Bone China".
Birthrite's Erazamus Voss

    Finally my muckers Gladstone appeared on stage, it was great to have Paul "Shovel Hands" back on Bass, we missed him over the summer. They soon thundered into "Night Creatures", the set included the songs "The Madness of Tilly Matthews", "Bluey", "Newgate", "The Ballad of William Winter", "Twisted lip", "The Curse of Tutankhamun" and "Dr Dexter's Dream", Gladstone ended their set with roaring versions of Sex Pistols "God Save the Queen" and Metallica's "For Whom the Bell Tolls".

    It was a great night, it is hoped this will become an annual event, we met many friends old and new, it was good to see Dave Patrick from Inverness this far south, he was an invaluable help over the weekend, the photos I've used come from the following talented people, Giles Warhurst of, Bjarni Skullsplitter Olafson, Claira Idrilieth Hooper and Evie Collyer, many thanks to you all.

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Some more amazing photos;


Michael prays for success, and it was granted!!

Amy "Teacake" Bradford's artwork in the guestbook.

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  1. This event will undoubtedly be talked about for many years to come - everything just clicked - it was truly an awesome evening ! and the people who attended have the bragging rights ! Superb from beginning to end !!!!!