Friday, 25 July 2014


Ladies and Gentlemen GLADSTONE proudly presents.....


Available from 31st July from here; Gladstone, Tales from the Jago.

    This album has been about two years in the making, this is due to it being totally home made, proper Steam PUNK, it was recorded in a work unit in a village in Northamptonshire using equipment bought by Mr Dave Evil who learned how to use it himself, he also rendered the album and mastered it all through trial and error.....but he did it, it took blood, sweat and many tears but he did it!
    The artwork was crafted by our very own Miss Amy "Teacake" Bradford who has recently graduated from university where she studied animation design, she managed to juggle studying and playing in the band for three years, well done Amy.
    What about the name I hear you cry, this was Spooks idea, he reads a lot and he had just finished "Child of the Jago" by Arthur Morrison, the Jago is a fictitious slum in the east end of London approximately where the Old Nichol was just north of Spitalfields, if you want to know more, read it, you won't be disappointed.  
    As for Paul we were so pleased when he returned to the fold as our bassist, it was great to have him back from his short break and the endless re-recording and frustrations have finally born fruit, it is with a heavy heart that we must say goodbye to Cloud Gingeris McBuggerballs V, who remains a close and valued friend, what ever he decides to do and in what direction he wishes to travel we wish him well and all the luck in the world. This album is testament to a band that didn't give up, I hope you enjoy our efforts.

    The album will be released on 31st July and is priced at £6, each track is individually sold at £1, it is downloadable from our Bandcamp page here Gladstone, Tales from the Jago.
    So, what's next for Gladstone, hopefully Alt-Fest will be our next live outing where we will be debuting our new guitarist Captain Joe Sparrowlegs and a couple of new songs "King Ludd" and "Gaslight", after that it's back to the studio and work on another release, lets hope it won't take too long...........

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