Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Steampunk at The Workhouse.

A Full Steam Metal Racket Miracle!!!

    With the final demise of Alt-Fest after what seemed like an age of rumour a new festival was put together in just 10 days!! This miracle was worked by Dale Rowles, Silver Johnson and Rich Starkie (if I've left anyone out I'm sorry) and it comprised of the Steampunk and parts of the S.O.P.H.I.E stage. The venue was that awesome place The Workhouse in Llanfylin, Wales, where we played nearly exactly two years ago.
We left Northampton on the Friday evening and arrived in the middle of the night, we managed to put three tents up by the light of car headlamps, then we were off to the bar for a well earned pint or three. Festivities had started on that Friday night and we were sorry to have missed Montague Jacques Fromage III's opening, Dark Patrick, Needle Poppets, Skreamer and the late night burlesque show, but we really enjoyed ourselves on the Saturday with amazing bands such as Dark Design, King Bains, Mysterious Freakshow, Skorbut, BB Blackdog, The Wattingers (slaughterhouse blues steampunk!! I kid you not), Frenchy and the Punk (so pleased to see them again) and Craig Sheridan all compared fantastically by Mr Montague Jacques Fromage III.
    Gladstone were on at 6pm and we threw ourselves into giving as good a show as we could, this was Captain Joe Sparrowlegs first gig with us on guitar and he proved himself with style, starting off in time honoured tradition with Night Creatures followed by a new song King Ludd, we rattled through Bluey, Newgate, Jack Hall, The Madness of Tilly Matthews, Twisted Lip and another new song Gaslight, Dr Dexter's Dream, Purple Reefer, Mountain King and The Curse of Tutankhamun, finally finishing on Sex Pistols God Save the Queen which saw Spook off into the audience yelling "No Future!!"
    Another drunken night followed with Dale giving us the last bottle of his excellent home made elderflower wine, cheers mate :), songs were sung around the camp fire well into the early hours, we made many new friends and caught up with many old mates, in all it was a fantastic weekend and we look forward to it all happening again next year.
    So, with all this going on what else is there to report, Gladstone are being played regularly on Mick Mercer Radio, for his latest broadcast click here (Mick Mercer Radio broadcast-33-august-24th-2014), the album "Tales from the Jago" is now available on hard copy (at the moment just from gigs) but the bandcamp download is available here Gladstone, Tales from the Jago.for just £6 or individual tracks for £1 each.
    Many, many thanks go to the photographers David Broadbent (DavidBroadbentPhotography), Giles Warhurst (JacklynHyde) and Chris Wolf Deaton (Dark-Wolf-Photography).

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    Well that's it for just now, this is Sherlock's Dog signing off, so long, fair well, auf wiedersehen, ta ta ;)

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